3 Reasons A Manufactured Home Is Right For You

When it comes to manufactured homes, we are living in a golden age. Gone are the days of bottom-of-the-barrel construction, few embellishments and a low-value look. 

Today’s manufactured home is amazingly adaptable so that your home is truly built to your needs and specifications. Luxury is built into every spacious square foot. And it costs less and is better for the environment than site-built homes. 

It’s all about the money.

When it comes to buying a home, the deposit is a major barrier to many buyers. A site-built home requires 10% to 15% down based on the total price of the house. Manufactured homes, since they have a much lower price tag, are attainable for more people.

In fact, manufactured housing is viewed by many as a vital part of the solution to the growing housing shortage. The average cost per square foot for a manufactured home is $49 per square foot. Site-built homes come in more than twice that at $107 per square foot. 

Get it your way.

You know how sometimes you drive down a suburban street and all the houses look EXACTLY alike? That doesn’t happen with a manufactured home. It is often literally built to your exact specifications. That means whether you are a large family looking for a place to call home, a college student or a retired couple, you can find the manufactured home that is perfect for you. 

The options are almost endless. Select your cabinet color, add a soaking bath, and set up the configuration of rooms, even. 

So efficient.

You don’t want to save money on buying a house and then watch the savings fly out the windows in the form of heating and cooling costs. And with a manufactured home, you won’t have to do so. Because these homes are built to a very specific and detailed building code, entire homes end up Energy Star certified. The energy efficiency comes from the addition of insulation both in the walls and under the home, energy-efficient windows, Energy Star and on-demand water heaters. 

Manufactured homes offer a solution that traditional site-built homes simply cannot deliver. From a lower cost to the ability to have every detail built to fit your family, it could be your next home!

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